• Innovative Coatings & Materials

    Nano Technology to Clean and Protect our Environment

    Optimizing Product Performance and Increasing Productivity

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  • Bio Safe Poultry Litter Additive

    Essential nutrients for crop production.

    Poultry manure fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients required for crop production.

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  • Bio Safe Swine Pit Treatment

    Better Bacteria for Better Results

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  • Extreme Coat Gen I

    Nanotized & Optimized

    Extreme bonding for all metal and concrete surfaces

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  • Bio Safe Biologicals

    Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Digests and liquefies solids and most organic waste and helps reduce algae and bad odors

    About Bio Safe Biologicals

Better Bacteria

Accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, undigested feed, urine and fecal matter

Better Results

Increase Nitrogen and micro-nutrients uptake by improving soil and plant health

Our Clients

Would I use the Bio Safe Swine Pit Treatment product again? ABSOLUTELY - Mike N.

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BIO Safe Swine Pit Treatment
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Poultry Litter Additive
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Extreme Coat
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Bio Safe Biologicals
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