Bio Safe Poultry Litter Additive


Bio Safe Poultry Litter Additive

Manure Enhancement And Benefits

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Enhanced N P & K Values

Increased values of poultry litter by releasing tied up Nitrogen only when applied to fields and not before.

Destroys Odor Causing Bacteria

Removes and destroys Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide odor causing bacteria, rather than masking the odors.

Neutralizes Ammonia and Manure Odor

Neutralizes Ammonia and Manure odor, composts solids and crust and reduces the need for frequent applications.


Poultry manure fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients required for crop production. Its value as an organic fertilizer and a source of plant nutrients has been recognized for a very long time. Even with its beneficial effects on plant growth, manure contains many harmfull bacteria, salts, uneaten and undigested feed, litter treatment chemical residue, insect and worms that have very negative effects on soil and crops, when applied on farm ground. Compaction and reduced organic matter in the soil is what affects crops and yield. This constitutes only a small percentage of the nutrients that are available and released into the soil structure and croplands, due to contaminated manure.

  • Accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, undigested feed, urine and fecal matter
  • Reduces and destroys harmful fecal coliform and E-coli microbes
  • Increase Nitrogen and micro-nutrients uptake by improving soil and plant health
  • Helps increase organic matter and reduce soil compaction
  • Makes manure waste more valuable and safer to use as fertilizer for farm use
  • Safe for use with organic agriculture as a livestock production aid.
  • Grows healthier crops and increases yield
  • Reduce harmful components like phosphorus from leaching into the soil and runoff to creeks
  • Reduce water well contamination of E- coli and other harmful bacteria and substances